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A crazy life — An image that reduces you to silence can, by definition,

hardly be put into words. But the effect of Fabio Borquez’s

photography on you is precisely that. Its splendid immediacy

makes you fall silent, as well as his choice of dramatic, theatrical

settings, like a medieval castle or empty field somewhere in Europe.

Borquez’s photos are unsettling and difficult, stirring up emotions.

His images guide the eye beyond mere nudity, provoking you to

enquire what lies behind this rich tapestry of light and shadow.

Even the clothed bodies stir up feelings because they expose the

fragility of the soul, something far more difficult to show than that

of the body.

Borquez is a master of light. He enlightens and obscures, highlights

and softens. He sets his focus on what is bound to provoke,

and then leaves his work to the eye of the beholder and their

individual interpretation. Borquez’s contrasts shake you into wakefulness.

He can brighten even the darkest corners or darken the

lightest, most blinding ones so that that only one question remains

to be answered. Fabio Borquez’s photographs display the skills

of an architect and painter, and Borquez is both; he understands

how to build up and tear down again. He can destroy a figure and

yet play with nuances, even if, when looked at from another point

of view, it’s something as simple as the difference between black

and white.

Borquez’s photos cause a discomfort that is truly remarkable in

today›s world of touch screens and other stimuli that stun you but

leave nothing that lasts. The impression made by these images

will survive. And that is something not easily achieved in today’s

fast-moving world. I said the same at the “Erotic Wonderland”

presentation, and I don’t mind repeating it. Borquez’s art is light

and shadow. He says that his horns come out when he’s taking

pictures, and that much is obvious! His photos portray angels and

demons, a whole multitude of them. — Valeria Schapira

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